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Open Source Licenses

Does buying eBooks mean we must sell our soul to Big Brother?

Akasha epub logoDoes buying an electronic book make you into a pawn of big brother, who knows your every book purchase, can delete any book you purchase on a whim, and can change what the books say at any time? A few years ago Richard Stallman (the famous open source advocate) wrote essentially that warning against electronic books.

Does Node.js need to be governed by an independent foundation? Or are we safe with Joyents overlordship?

The Vert.x project, a Java based event-oriented system inspired by Node.js, has run into a spot of legal trouble that should serve as a reminder to open source developers who work for companies.  Tim Fox, the developer of Vert.x, had worked for VMware until December 2012 and joined Redhat.  He had assumed that he'd be able to continue working on Vert.x after transitioning from one company to another, but instead was hand-delivered a letter from VMware's lawyers demanding that he hand over the keys to the Vert.x project.