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Store your stuff, Preserve your Memories, use a Drobo and/or online services for secure file/image/video/etc storage

You know that it's best to backup your files, because good backups are crucial to recovering from a disaster. If the disk on your main computer crashes, will you lose your files? What if the only pictures of your children anywhere is on that disk? You can replace the disk, reload the operating system and your applications, but those pictures, your financial records, the things you've written, your hopes and dreams you'd laboriously put into software or other creative work, all that is your stuff and cannot be replaced just by downloading a fresh copy from an app store.

Olympus E-PL2 upgrade choice between E-PL5 or Nikon D3200

E-PL5-hero-black_1Have been looking for a new camera to replace my Olympus PEN E-PL2 and after weighing a number of parameters am going to upgrade to the Olympus PEN E-PL5.  I'm doing this instead of, for example, a Nikon D3200, for reasons I'll get to in a minute.  The E-PL5 is hugely improved over the E-PL2, and because it's nearly identically sized switching to the E-PL5 will be very familia

Fixing a fatal flaw in iPhoto

I've grown to dislike iPhoto for one feature.  Overall it's a really nice application with a lot going for it, useful features, the ability to create picture books and have them printed automagically, etc.  But the critical flaw is that your pictures have to be encased in its proprietary storage system.   On importing photos into iPhoto it makes a copy of each image file in its own directory hierarchy and any edits it does on the images are on that copy.  You are expected to delete your copy and only use the copy which iPhoto has.