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1st steps to creating video podcasts (for Drupal)

The latest episode of the Seven Generations Technosanity Podcast is a video as will be the next few episodes. I've been resisting doing video work partly because it's harder to edit but also the technology is far more complex. But for the episodes in question I need to show some things, not describe them. For technical context, the podcast is on a Drupal site meaning the solution has to fit the Drupal workflow.

Podango dies, ack! The risk of not owning your own infrastructure

There are many services out there to help you get started with blogging and podcasting. A few clicks and you can have a blogspot account etc, and in the podcasting world there are similar services which offer podcast hosting services. While this is temptingly easy and simple to get started, there are risks. What if, for example, your service provider goes belly up?

Real World Community Tips for Podcasters

Just listened to a fascinating discussion on the PodcastingUnderground podcast about steps to build community related to a podcast. As a new podcaster it's an interesting thought. This was a conversation with Cliff Ravenscraft of the network, who runs a network of podcasts that have many community members associated with each. Cliff also runs a podcast about podcasting at

How to create a podcast using Keynote

I searched around the Net for this information and didn't find any discussion, so here goes with the solution I found. Suppose you want to make a video podcast out of a [amazon:B0007LW23A|Keynote] presentation? The obvious step, to use the Export feature in Keynote, just results in overly large files. I want to take this step by step and explain what I did to get a reasonably sized file.

First, in Keynote I created my presentation. It's a normal presentation so don't sweat over this part.