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Google's Chrome will be encrypting all search traffic with version 25

Starting with Google Chrome version 25, your web searches will be automatically encrypted over an HTTPS (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.  Until now searches with Chrome were encrypted only if you were logged in to a Google Account.  With v25 all searches will now be conducted over HTTPS.

Users are expected to not see any slowdown, but instead should see a speedup due to use of the SPDY protocol.

The change was made to provide users with the more privacy.  No longer will "malicious actors" be able to intercept search traffic and trace your search queries.

Review: Get to the top on Google

The big game of web publishers is the rank in search engine results. It's well known that most search engine users pick sites within the first one or two pages of search engine results. This means your site had better rank within the top 20 results or it's going to be difficult to be known, through organic search results. It's possible to become known through other ways such as twitter and other social networking or paid search results. Organic search results can be a steady stream of traffic which will pay off for years to come if done well.

Keyword research tools to help you optimize your page ranking

Getting organic traffic is an excellent way to build traffic to your site. Organic traffic are visitors coming through search engines, where they are querying looking for something, the search engine lists your site as a possible result, and they get to your site. Getting good organic traffic means matching the keywords in your site content, with the phrases your desired visitors are using in their queries. Carefully targeting niche keyword phrases can also pay off, if those phrases are not heavily covered.