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Social Media

How to stop your facebook page from posting tweets to twitter

Automated postings to social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, etc - are a great way to build your presence, and let your audience know what you're doing. Over the years preferred services have come and gone which automate cross posting to social media accounts. Where a few years we would have instructed Facebook to autopost to twitter, we might want to do that in a different way now. For example, I'm finding the service to be much better and offer better control over the format of postings.

Who owns your twitter account? Your employer?

Seems like a daft question, "who owns your twitter account", but what if your employer can assert rights of ownership over your twitter account?  There's a real serious question here to think about and be careful about what social media accounts you use to do "work" and which accounts you use for personal purposes.  It underscores the need to keep work-related social media accounts separated from personal ones.