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Unlimted Disk, Transfer and Domains!

Sun Microsystems

Java toolbar controversy ploy riding on back of Java security flaw drama

java-logo.jpgIn the wake of a major security flaw found in Java, a petition is circulating demanding that Oracle stop bundling a payola toolbar with the Java runtime. This practice was begun by Sun Microsystems, during the time period I was a Java SE team-member, and is being continued by Oracle. It is to bundle a toolbar, the "Ask Toolbar," with the Java download, such as what's available through the website. Sun, and now Oracle, earns a little bit of money per download.

Google's "More wood behind fewer arrows" means well, but reminds me of Sun's marketing

Bill Coughran, SVP for Research and Systems Infrastructure at Google just posted a blog post, More Wood Behind Fewer Arrows, that announced they'd be shutting down "Google Labs". The announcement sounds like they're meaning to convey a focus on developing great services, but it really reminds me of the dead hardware maker Sun Microsystems.

Jonathan Schwartz's free software foundation

In a 'blog' by Dan Farber he paints Sun as having created our own Free Software Foundation.