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Doctor Who Season 06 (Matt Smith)

Review: Doctor Who S06E05: The Rebel Flesh: The first part of another two-parter. Woah.

Review: Doctor Who S06E04: The Doctors Wife: The Doctor's true and faithful companion is the TARDIS. The TARDIS is often referred to as a "she" and "alive" and as if it's a sentient being in its own right. What if the TARDIS could take form and walk around? Yeah.

Review: Doctor Who S06E03: The Curse of the Black Spot: And, now for something completely different, a ridiculous adventure. There was too much heady stuff so they went off for a light adventure which didn't seem to have much to do with anything else. That is, except for this strange borg eyed woman peering out a peekhole from a parallel universe.

Thoughts on The Silence (Doctor Who S06): In fact, I went on quite a bit thinking about the Silence.

Review: Doctor Who S06E02: The Day of the Moon: Conclusion sort of to the two-parter. It's even more complex.. a new monster, the Silence, that hides unseen in the background of everything influencing every minute decision of humanity. Quite interesting really.

Connections between Silence in the Library and Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon (Doctor Who): A totally rubbish theory I came up with connecting this story with the Silence in the Library story. Silly idea that seemed so right at the time.

Review: Doctor Who S06E01: The Impossible Astronaut: Season opener of a two-parter episode that's incredibly complex. In the first 5 minutes we saw the Doctor killed, and then it goes on from there and we meet a 200 year younger version of the Doctor.