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External Links Nofollow, favicon, open in external window, etc for Wordpress

This Wordpress plugin does several useful external links manipulation, easily and quickly, including: rel=nofollow: Controls which domains whose links are marked with rel=nofollow. Instead of applying "nofollow" to all outbound links, you can select the domains which do or do not receive that attribute. target=_blank: Control whether clicking on an external link opens the page in a new window or browser tab. Icons: Controls whether external links are marked with icons that help readers know it is an external link.

To get these features on your site today requires installing several independent plugins. Additionally the plugins which support rel=nofollow all make it a blanket choice, either all external links have nofollow or all of them do not.

In practice you want some of your outbound links to have rel=nofollow, and to leave that attribute off others. Maybe your preference is to use rel=nofollow sparingly, and only when necessary. For example, search engines tend to look askance when an affiliate link is not marked with rel=nofollow. Hence, any link from which you'd be earning money like an affiliate link needs to be marked with rel=nofollow.

Once the plugin is installed, go to its Settings page and the configuration screen will explain what to do.


Download from Github:

Install from Search for "External links nofollow, open in new tab, favicon" or go to


Report bugs and ask questions via the Github project. Once this plugin is listed on I should be able to use their bug reporting system.

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