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Glow Host

A web hosting provider with a comprehensive range of plans (from shared hosting to dedicated servers) and is also carbon neutral.

On shared hosting they make a clear distinction of how many customers are hosted per server for every. Most hosting providers don't do this, so it's a refreshing bit of transparency. Their "semi-dedicated plan" likewise has a clearly specified number of customers per server.

Their VPS plans come with management support, meaning they'll monitor your VPS and attempt to restart it if they see an issue. Most hosting providers do not do this, or else charge an extra fee for this.

They have special hosting plans for "ffmpeg" or "shoutcast" and "podcasting". There isn't much special to this except the availability of ffmpeg on the server (for video file manipulation) and the shoutcast server.

They are 'green' and name the following efforts:-

They purchase solar-generated electricity. They provide paperless billing (um, most hosting providers bill by email....). They utilize recycling stations.

Their data center is: Using an advanced heat pumping system recycles warm air from datacenter and is used to heat employee occupied space during the winter months. Using Well Water - Well water is used for cooling towers which reduces electricity used to pump water to the facility and eliminates chemicals normally used to treat city water supplies. LEED Certification - The facility is undergoing LEED certification which is a Green Building Rating System. Recycling Stations - All materials that are able to be recycled are. This includes packaging material for new computer systems as well as old computer hardware components.