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Host Virtual

They are a web hosting provider who seems to specialize in virtual private servers (VPS), in that VPS's are the only plans they offer. The plans are reasonably priced and have high memory and bandwidth allotments. With extra charges you can increase those allotments as far as desired.

Their network connectivity goes directly to the major Internet backbone providers.

They offer what appears to be excellent management facilities. You can easily create new server images, add or delete servers, do operating system installs, set up domain name services (DNS) and more.

Their claim of being a "green web hosting provider" seems to be a case of greenwashing. They have a page discussing green hosting that has some very nice and interesting factoids. They claim to "feel strongly about being eco-friendly" and being "fortunate that both our service and our goals have such synergy". But they do not describe any steps they've taken to mitigate this factoid: "1 kilowatt of electricity generates approximately .8 pounds of carbon dioxide...The average, sustained power draw of one of our host server is approximately 158 kwh/month, or 126.4 pounds of carbon dioxide/month."

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