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Silver Rack

They specialize in providing high performance and affordable Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. They offer a variety of VPS hosting plans to fit any budget or application. Their VPS hosting plans are perfect for hosting Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and Java applications. A VPS allows you great flexibility in installing anything you damn well please to have running on your server.

Their plans are reasonably priced. However it appears likely they won't be doing much handholding.

THey use OpenVZ to provide the VPS capabilites. OpenVZ is an open-source virtual private server solution. It has low-overhead so you get maximum performance on the hardware your VPS is on. Your RAM and Disk Space is gauranteed to be available. You also get burstable RAM and Swap space that is 2x your plan's RAM limit.

They have reduced their carbon emissions by sponsoring clean energy and carbon reduction projects through TerraPass.

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