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About David Herron

I am a technologist currently living in Silicon Valley. I've worked in the tech industry, both in startup companies and large megalopolis sized companies. For 10 1/2 years I worked for Sun Microsystems in the Java SE team dealing with Java's quality. I've worked on test suites, test tools, and lately developing community participation around quality. I also have a rich interest in spiritual development, spiritual healing, environmental quality, and online community. Over the years I've become aware of how deep is my commitment to exploring the intersection where humanity and technology meet, exploring the role of technology in the life of humans, exploring how we are to remain human while living among machines, and exploring our true human needs.

On some services I am known as reikiman while on other services I am known as robogeek. I am not the owner of, that's some other geek who lives in Austin TX. The reikiman name comes from my association with (listed below) while my association with robogeek comes from working in the team at Sun which makes the Java language, and especially with being the coauthor of the java.awt.Robot class.

My other web sites:

My education history:

  • Graduated 1977 from Henry Clay High School
  • Attended 1 year of Univ of Louisville in 1977-8 school year.
  • Graduated 1989 from University of Kentucky
  • Graduated 2001 from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

My work history:

  • 1977-1980 worked for Long John Silvers, Lexington KY, as a fry cook.
  • 1980-1 worked for a few other restaurents
  • 1981-3 worked as a towing company dispatcher and sometimes tow truck operator.
  • 1984-9 worked for the U of Kentucky Department of Mathematical Sciences as a computer systems administrator. We administered a network full of Unix systems running 4.xBSD, SunOS, Ultrix and Dynix. I personally provided network administration work specializing in electronic mail systems and usenet.
  • 1989-1990 Worked for AT&T as a system admin in a small software development group in Piscataway NJ
  • 1990-4 Worked for The Wollongong Group developing electronic mail system software.
  • 1994-6 Worked for Mainsoft developing their MainWin software
  • 1996-7 worked for VXtreme on a streaming video server which was later merged into Microsoft's Windows Media Player
  • 1997-8 Worked for Credence Semiconductor debugging software for a semiconductor test system
  • 1998-2008 Worked for Sun Microsystems in a number of roles related to the quality of Java SE.