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Affiliate Marketing

Making money through Facebook pages, Facebook advertising, and promoting content through Facebook

Since Facebook is the largest of the "Social Media" websites - with over a billion user accounts - those of us who want to make money by spreading information to others must understand how to effectively reach into Facebook to reach an audience. There are many potential outcomes we wish to achieve by publishing information. It may be to convince others of a certain cause, for example, but no matter what you're doing it's necessary to have an income to support your livelihood.

Blocking an undesired item while using the Amazon Store module for Drupal

The other day I was contacted by a lawyer about an improper use of their trademark. Unfortunately the improper use stemmed from a product listing controlled by the "Amazon Store" module, and is in data retrieved from using their affiliate product web services API. The "Amazon Store" module implements something like the "aStore" feature supported by, but hosted on a Drupal site. Because all the data comes direct from there is little control over how it is displayed.

How to Start Earn Money from Amazon offers an affiliate program through which you can list any product carried by It is a typical affiliate marketing program and one can earn a tidy side income this way. If you put enough effort in, you can even earn enough to support your family with this. The goal is to get sales commissions for things people buy from an online merchant such as