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Website Performance

Dramatic performance effect of enabling the Block Cache Alter module on Drupal 6 websites

I have my websites hosted on Dreamhost VPS's and the other day decided to consolidate some of my sites onto one server. Using the Munin monitoring I've installed (see Use Munin to monitor a Dreamhost MySQL VPS) I could see the CPU utilization on the server was very low - below 15% - indicating that the server had CPU capacity. But a different performance issue showed up after consolidating the sites on one server. Namely the memory allocation had to be increased to 3GB when that server previously ran well at 1.2GB of memory.

Performance comparison between Dreamhost and A2 Hosting

I'm looking at my web hosting arrangements currently pondering whether or not to move my websites to new server arrangements. The main attribute I'm considering is the download speed of retrieving pages from the website. My Drupal websites are the test bed. I'd written an article some time ago about website usability and performance metrics going over known considerations. Essentially if a page takes too long to load, users will be turned off by the site and leave.