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Website Promotion

It's your RSS feed, not Feedburners, and how to maintain the relationship with your readers through your RSS feed

There are many services which offer services related to RSS or Atom feeds. These services usually consume your feed, modify it, and republish that feed on a different URL. Feedburner is only one of many such services, most of whom perform valuable features to web site authors.

Careful use of feedburners chiclet style feed subscribe buttons

For websites which publish RSS/Atom feeds it is helpful to make it easy for users to subscribe to those feeds. There are many feed tracking services and they all offer their own way of subscribing to feeds. The user experience of dealing with an RSS/Atom URL is a little unfriendly and perhaps is beyond the ken of many users.

Methods to assist announcing Drupal-hosted content to social bookmarking & sharing sites

There are lots of social sites which facilitate sharing links to stories between the site members. They vary in form, but have a lot of similarity, with the main function being to post on a common site a story title, link, and description. A lot of traffic can be generated from these sites and thus it's useful to a website proprietor if their content gets promoted into these social sites. However there are dozens of these sites, with different mechanisms to post into each.

Web site marketing, promotion and visibility

It doesn't make any sense to build a website which nobody visits. Well, okay, there are times when that's what you want. But in most cases websites have an intended audience, and here's a few ways to help that audience find yours.

Google launching their Analytics service

Google has a new webmaster oriented service that's just launched. A few months ago they had bought Urchin, a company providing a website traffic analysis service, and it is this service which Google has rebranded as Analytics.

I've just signed up for the service on this site, and if you're eagle eyed as the page loads you'll see requests to