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Ultra Hosting

Ultra Hosting provides various levels of virtual servers, dedicated servers and server colocation. They do not provide shared web hosting. They claim to offer high reliability starting with a large staff of technicians, good management processes, continuous improvement, etc.

They offer management services in which their staff takes some of the load of managing the server. This includes monitoring, rebooting as necessary, security hardening, software install, etc. All this depends on the level of service you buy.


Taproot Hosting

They offer comprehensive shared hosting plans. They also offer hands on assistance with web design and other webmaster services. Finally the pricing is reasonable.

They claim to be green, and back up this claim with purchases of renewable energy credits from companies that produce wind power.

noco hosting

They offer a set of comprehensive shared hosting plans. The feature set provided is fairly complete and useful for shared hosting of web applications. However the usage limits are fairly tight. They do explain that "most of you don't need 400gb of disk space" which may be true but at the same time their largest hosting plan only offers 5gb of disk space and 10 gb of bandwidth. That isn't much especially in todays era of large multimedia files. A podcast for example could easily outstrip those limits, and this is their largest plan?


They offer a seriously interesting range of hosting packages all of which rely on some kind of cluster technology. Rather than have a single web server assigned to your site, this cluster approach lets traffic bursts be spread across multiple servers. Additionally they offer cache technology such as memcache to help relieve traffic load for web technology that can utilize memcache. The hosting features are comprehensive.

They operate their own data center with their own solar power plant to power the data center.


Offers a comprehensive range of shared hosting, and colocation plans. Xmission has been in the web hosting business since 1993. It appears their service offers essentially everything you could want.

They purchase renewable power through Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky program.

Green Geeks

They offer a reasonably priced comprehensive shared hosting plan. This includes unlimited pretty much everything like disk space, bandwidth, etc.

They buy "green tags", a form of renewable energy certificates, from a wind energy provider.

Elfon Green Web Hosting

They offer comprehensive shared web hosting in a very affordable package.

They purchase green tags certified by Green-e, the nation's leading independent green power certification and verifications programs for renewable energy. They utilize other initiatives to reduce other environmental impacts.

Lush Technologies

They offer a comprehensive set of shared hosting plans with good features. The plans include access to a wide range of web applications etc. Their service price looks expensive but there may be a good reason for that.

Proper Web Hosting

They offer a fairly comprehensive set of shared hosting features. However the technology is last generation such as PHP 4.2.x when PHP 5.x is the current release. Also the disk and bandwidth allotments are skimpy.

They purchase renewable energy credits to become green.

Gray Matter Green Web Hosting

They offer a reasonable set of shared hosting services. This includes PHP support and the ability to install PHP or Perl based web applications. However the disk space allotments are very limited.

Their facility is 100% solar powered.