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Digital Pacific (Australia) - A full service web hosting provider in Australia offering a comprehensive range of web hosting plans.

Their VPS service uses the Parallels Virtuozzo technology that allows dynamic resizing of a VPS. - They claim carbon neutral status through purchasing carbon credits and implementing a recycling program and a work from home program.

Pair Networks

Pair Networks was one of the earliest of the web hosting providers, and have remained independent for nearly 15 years. They provide an exhaustive array of web hosting plans, and they are a domain registrar (PAIRNIC).

They are Carbon Neutral (Pair Networks Environmental Policy) through buying carbon credits using the TerraPass plan. Plus they have some energy saving policies etc.


midPhase is a full service and very large web hosting provider. They offer a complete range of hosting arrangements from cut-rate small site services up through dedicated servers you control yourself. They are based in Chicago.


Solar VPS

They offer virtual private server web hosting, with an ecologically sensitive approach. The name of the service includes 'Solar' which would lead you to think it's a solar powered business. But this appears to not be the case. They have chosen components and other business practices which have low power requirements. They support green causes. But they aren't either buying carbon credits, renewable power credits, or directly using renewable energy.

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Acorn Host

They are carbon neutral through purchasing renewable energy certificates.