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Unlimted Disk, Transfer and Domains!

Comprehensive Shared

Host Papa

Very low scale hosting provider offering only shared hosting. They claim to be "green" by dint of having had an audit of their energy use, and by buying "green tags" to make up for that energy use.

MySQL 5.0 Databases (100)

PHP 5.0 enabled (note: not 5.2.x??)

Web Builder Software (SohoLaunch)

Unlimited Disk Space

Video tutorials


Start Logic

Start Logic offers a nice range of services at very low prices. They are located in Phoenix Arizona, which they say gives them protection from extreme environments. Now, if you've been in Phoenix in the summer (as I have) that should give make you go "huh", because their typical summer weather is essentially extreme. There's no other way to describe 120 degrees in the shade than "extreme" (or, as they say, at least it's a dry heat).


StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting


PowWeb provides shared hosting, and has done so since 1999. Their cost is very reasonable as are the features they offer. For shared hosting they offer the typical features, and there are two things which stand out.

The first is their claim of zero downtime. In describing their technology, they use redundant servers and equipment at every part of their network infrastructure. In the past I've been with hosting providers where a single piece of equipment would go down, and take dozens of websites offline. Having the redundancy to allow them to claim zero downtime is a good thing.


PowWeb Hosting - *On Sale * $3.88/month!


Lunarpages offers a wide range of web hosting services, from shared hosting, to windows hosting, to dedicated hosting. They offer a number of high end features on their most advanced shared hosting plan, including the ability to run Java Servlets. All this is available for reasonable prices.


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<img src="" alt="3000MB and 400GB for $6.95 a month!" border="0"></a>

ix Webhosting

IX Web Hosting been providing first-class web hosting services since 1999. Unlike a lot of web hosting providers, they run their own data center. By running their own data center, you're more likely to receive good service, and there are fewer places to assign blame when things go wrong.

They offer shared hosting plans at really low prices on either Windows or Linux servers. One would choose Windows if you needed to host ASP pages (ASP is a web templating technology from Microsoft that's similar to PHP).


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iPower and iPowerWeb

iPowerWeb offers both shared hosting and dedicated hosting packages. They operate out of four data centers that are each well connected to the Internet, and they claim a very large customer base.

The packages are very low cost, and also are lean on features. That is, the packages are the basic web hosting arrangement with no extra features, no fluff.

One nice feature is an extensive set of articles and tutorials that should help you get started with building web sites.


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They also operate as iPower and offer a wider range of services through iPower.

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Web hosting special features: 

Blue Host

Blue Host offers an inexpensive shared hosting service with an extensive set of of features. Their offering goes well beyond the typical shared hosting features, but for a very low price.


They specialize in a simple-to-build-your-website experience. The plans include a point and click web building tool they call Site Builder, and they have a staff available to provide web design services. Their plans include the Miva shopping cart engine.

They do offer "developer" hosting that's the typical do-it-yourself shared hosting account. But clearly their focus is on the user friendly help, design services, etc.