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Simple Shared

Host a Tree

They are a green web hosting provider who offers a good set of features at good prices. They offer both shared hosting and dedicated servers.

On shared hosting they offer .. instant setup of various web applications like blogging platforms .. email services including mailing lists ..

On dedicated hosting they offer, well, machines. For an extra cost you can hire them to manage the server. An interesting thing is the bandwidth is unmetered, but your machine is on a bandwidth-limited circuit.

Yellow Dandelions

They are a web hosting company offering a series of shared hosting plans. Their hosting plans are fairly priced and have a decent feature set.

You can host web applications written in PHP, Perl, Python or Ruby on Rails. They offer some of the usual geeky utilities like curl, imagemagick, phpMyAdmin, etc.

Bounce Web

A web hosting provider offering a pretty comprehensive shared hosting plan at a good price. They offer unlimited data storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, hmmm, it always gives me a pause to wonder whether they can actually provide all that 'unlimited'.

They allow ffmpeg, meaning you can do video conversions on the server and do video hosting.

Glow Host

A web hosting provider with a comprehensive range of plans (from shared hosting to dedicated servers) and is also carbon neutral.

On shared hosting they make a clear distinction of how many customers are hosted per server for every. Most hosting providers don't do this, so it's a refreshing bit of transparency. Their "semi-dedicated plan" likewise has a clearly specified number of customers per server.


Online 4 earth

They're a web hosting provider but it's really hard to figure that out. Their front page has a discussion of making the world a better place and the search for ideal solutions etc, but it's hard to get at what they're talking about.

They have a page listing types of green web hosting. They say "100% carbon neutral". But I'm not sure it's a good idea to work with them unless they make it clear what they're doing.

Web hosting special features: 
Web hosting type: 

Avacado Toast

A web hosting provider... They offer a pretty darn extensive list of domain registration features such as being able to facilitate domain registration in any of these top level domains: ".com .net .info .org .mobi .biz .us .asia .in .ws .at .be .cc .cn .de .fm .gs .jobs .jp .ms .nu .nz .tc .tw .uk .vg .tv .ca".

They offer several forms of shared hosting plans. The feature set is comprehensive and they have a system of easy install for a wide variety of web applications.

They offer hosting of Microsoft Outlook email services.

Taproot Hosting

They offer comprehensive shared hosting plans. They also offer hands on assistance with web design and other webmaster services. Finally the pricing is reasonable.

They claim to be green, and back up this claim with purchases of renewable energy credits from companies that produce wind power.

noco hosting

They offer a set of comprehensive shared hosting plans. The feature set provided is fairly complete and useful for shared hosting of web applications. However the usage limits are fairly tight. They do explain that "most of you don't need 400gb of disk space" which may be true but at the same time their largest hosting plan only offers 5gb of disk space and 10 gb of bandwidth. That isn't much especially in todays era of large multimedia files. A podcast for example could easily outstrip those limits, and this is their largest plan?


Offers a comprehensive range of shared hosting, and colocation plans. Xmission has been in the web hosting business since 1993. It appears their service offers essentially everything you could want.

They purchase renewable power through Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky program.

Green Geeks

They offer a reasonably priced comprehensive shared hosting plan. This includes unlimited pretty much everything like disk space, bandwidth, etc.

They buy "green tags", a form of renewable energy certificates, from a wind energy provider.