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Simple Shared

Elfon Green Web Hosting

They offer comprehensive shared web hosting in a very affordable package.

They purchase green tags certified by Green-e, the nation's leading independent green power certification and verifications programs for renewable energy. They utilize other initiatives to reduce other environmental impacts.

Lush Technologies

They offer a comprehensive set of shared hosting plans with good features. The plans include access to a wide range of web applications etc. Their service price looks expensive but there may be a good reason for that.

Proper Web Hosting

They offer a fairly comprehensive set of shared hosting features. However the technology is last generation such as PHP 4.2.x when PHP 5.x is the current release. Also the disk and bandwidth allotments are skimpy.

They purchase renewable energy credits to become green.

Gray Matter Green Web Hosting

They offer a reasonable set of shared hosting services. This includes PHP support and the ability to install PHP or Perl based web applications. However the disk space allotments are very limited.

Their facility is 100% solar powered.

Super Green Hosting

They offer shared hosting accounts with a comprehensive set of features. Unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited number of domains, etc.

They claim to be 100% carbon neutral. They use efficient servers which decrease energy requirements. They participate in tree planting campaigns. They assist their customers in buying renewable energy credits.


Good Avacado

They offer a complete set of web hosting features while not explicitly saying what those features are. There is said to be no limits to the number of websites hosted, disk usage, bandwidth etc.

They only offer shared hosting services.

An interesting feature is their "cloud network". This seems to mean automatic scaling based on traffic load.

They achieve carbon neutral status through purchasing energy credits and tree planting initiatives.


Host Gator

They offer a comprehensive set of web hosting features at reasonable prices. Their FREE Site Builder will allow you to easily create a professional looking website within minutes! And they offer a large number of prebuilt site templates you can use. Each hosting account comes with cPanel to manage the account, and using the Fantastico system you can install any of 55 different web applications with a couple clicks of the mouse.

GAIA Host Collective

A socially and environmentally concerned, worker-owned collective providing reliable internet hosting services including domain registration, shared server hosting on Open Source and Windows platforms, and dedicated server hosting.

Their social mission includes 100% worker owners, collective management, donating profits to nonprofits, etc.

The environmental mission includes buying power from green power providers, using recycled paper, etc.

Web hosting special features: 

Ecohosting is a website hosting company. Their hosting plans are typical no frills shared hosting.

They claim to be "ecological" and "sustainable" without having a page explaining that further. In the foot of the main page is a link to .. which is some sort of organization advocating for clean power, and their purchase agreements for wind power.

Web hosting special features: 
Web hosting type: 

Sustainable Hosting

A web hosting provider offering a fairly comprehensive set of features in shared hosting plans. Their servers run Linux, offer PHP with Zend optimization, and a useful set of available features.

They also offer managed dedicated servers.

Their claim to being 'carbon neutral' is through purchasing Green-E Certified power. They show the certificate on their site, and they buy credits equal to 40,000 kwh of power per year. They also note that until we have properly recyclable computers there will be no such thing as truly sustainable web hosting.