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NEXCESS.NET is 'green' through purchasing green power certificates, however they have a stated goal of being 100% renewable energy powered by December 2009, and that today they are 25% renewable energy powered.

Their service names are: Nexcess, for shared hosting, MaxVPS for virtual private servers, and EliteRAX for dedicated hosting.


Solar Energy Host

Unlike many 'green' web hosting providers, Solar Energy Host is located in the "only" solar powered data center in the U.S.

Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO)

AISO is a solar powered web hosting provider who runs their own data center, and runs their own solar power array to power that data center.

Web hosting special features: 

Greenest Host

I suppose by being 'greenest host' they are the most green of web hosting operations? Well, rather than rely on green power credits their hosting facilities are in a solar powered data center just north of San Diego. As they say, rather than create the dirty power in the first place and do something else to offset the dirty power, they simply use green power.

Go Green Hosting

They proudly put 'green' everywhere on their site, so that you know they do 'green hosting'. They're green through purchasing renewable energy certificates.

Web hosting special features: 

Think Host

They are 'green' through having conducted an audit of all their hosting facilities and purchasing green energy tags to match their energy use. They also have a commitment to social responsibility, social change, use of telecommuting, use of open source software, etc. They offer free web hosting to US based, registered non-profit progressive organizations whose primary focus is environment, grass roots democracy, peace, social/economic justice or human rights.


Sustainable Websites

They are Carbon Neutral through purchasing "green tags" (Renewable energy certificates or RECs) from the Mountain View Wind facility in San Gorgonio Pass, California.

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They are carbon neutral by having a partnership with the International Tree Foundation where ITF does tree plantings and they are able to claim carbon credits. Their announcement doesn't make it clear whether the agreement offsets all carbon footprint, or just part of it. Regardless of how much offset they're buying, they are doing more than the ones who don't even think about this issue.



Host Papa

Very low scale hosting provider offering only shared hosting. They claim to be "green" by dint of having had an audit of their energy use, and by buying "green tags" to make up for that energy use.

MySQL 5.0 Databases (100)

PHP 5.0 enabled (note: not 5.2.x??)

Web Builder Software (SohoLaunch)

Unlimited Disk Space

Video tutorials


Start Logic

Start Logic offers a nice range of services at very low prices. They are located in Phoenix Arizona, which they say gives them protection from extreme environments. Now, if you've been in Phoenix in the summer (as I have) that should give make you go "huh", because their typical summer weather is essentially extreme. There's no other way to describe 120 degrees in the shade than "extreme" (or, as they say, at least it's a dry heat).


StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting