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Start Logic

Start Logic offers a nice range of services at very low prices. They are located in Phoenix Arizona, which they say gives them protection from extreme environments. Now, if you've been in Phoenix in the summer (as I have) that should give make you go "huh", because their typical summer weather is essentially extreme. There's no other way to describe 120 degrees in the shade than "extreme" (or, as they say, at least it's a dry heat).

But they have a good point. Phoenix doesn't get the excessive rain, tornados, hurricanes, snow, earthquakes, etc that other areas get. Which makes for a reliable data center. And that's certainly the point they're trying to make. Unlike data centers in other parts of the world, their's isn't going to get knocked out by weather.

Their services include

  • Shared hosting on a Linux server
  • Shared hosting on a Windows server
  • Virtual private servers running FreeBSD
  • And several sizes of dedicated servers

All these hosting arrangements are incredibly cheap. However, at the same time the featureset is not very large. That is, it's just basic hosting with no extras. At these prices, who's going to argue?


StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting